The Shy Writer Reborn by C. Hope Clark

Have you started a writing career but feel overwhelmed with the new standard for writers? Yes, you must also be a blogger, have a newsletter, a platform, do interviews, brand yourself, find a niche, hold book signings and be a social media star...or at least that's what they tell you. If all of that terrifies you because you are an introvert than The Shy Writer Reborn can help. C. Hope Clark has done all of it and more and honestly shares all of the fears and anxieties that come along with the writing journey in today's world. Seventeen full chapters, written in a conversational tone, address "You, the Introverted Writer" from the starts of your writing career through the book signings, writing conferences and interviews. Helpful exercises at the end of each chapter prompted meaningful writings and introspective thoughts and helped me rethink my future as a freelance writer, blogger and poet. Even if you don't consider yourself an introvert there are helpful techniques, tools and ideas for queries, pitches, interviews, marketing, professional speaking and selling your words and your brand. Clark offers real life solutions to fearful situations you will encounter if you choose the path of a writer. What is stopping you from being a successful writer? Do you need a guide to gently push you to the next level?

In full disclosure, I received a review copy of The Shy Writer Reborn: An Introverted Writer's Wake-up but I've been a paid subscriber of Funds for Writers ( C. Hope Clark's newsletter) for several years and I'm a big fan of her mystery series.

 Last updated on November 22, 2014

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chopeclark 14 months ago

Gosh, what a wonderful review! Who could ask for anything more? So happy you enjoyed it. ~Hope Clark

Faye Rutledge profile image

Faye Rutledge 14 months ago from Concord VA Level 1 Commenter

Great review! Congratulations!

tonyleather 14 months ago

This is a must-read for every writer!

ericahuise22 14 months ago

Great review.

SteveKaye 14 months ago

The videos add a lot to this review. Great choices.

buscaveiculos 14 months ago

Very Good!

DebMartin profile image

DebMartin 14 months ago from Northern Michigan and Northern Ontario Level 2 Commenter

Gotta get this one. Thanks!

Merrci profile image

Merrci 14 months ago from Oregon's Southern Coast Level 5 Commenter

Sounds like a very good book. The writing is fun. All the rest is intimidating and overwhelming at times! This is going on my wish list. Thanks!

TerriCarr profile image

TerriCarr 14 months ago Level 1 Commenter

I always love to see new writing books on the market. I have also enjoyed Hope's newsletter.

Brite-Ideas profile image

Brite-Ideas 14 months ago from Toronto, Canada Level 6 Commenter

I know a few people in my life who could get a lot of from this book, thank you

chopeclark 14 months ago

@DebMartin: Hope you like it, Deb. This book is special to me.

chopeclark 14 months ago

@buscaveiculos: Hope the book gives you lots of ideas you can use in your writing journey!

chopeclark 14 months ago

@SteveKaye: I think I look atrocious in that interview, but the message is a good one. Thanks!

chopeclark 14 months ago

@ericahuise22: Glad you like it!

chopeclark 14 months ago

@tonyleather: I wholeheartedly agree. Not just for introverts.

chopeclark 14 months ago

@Faye Rutledge: Much thanks.

AnonymousC831 profile image

AnonymousC831 14 months ago from Kentucky

Great review.

Diana Wenzel profile image

Diana Wenzel 14 months ago from Colorado

Sounds like a great resource for me. I do lean towards the shy side. Congrats on writing this featured review.

Mellithorpe profile image

Mellithorpe 14 months ago

Sounds like a great book to read. I put it on my "Wish List" for now. Thanks for sharing.

Colin323 profile image

Colin323 14 months ago from Ilkley, Yorkshire Level 4 Commenter

I'm too shy to go to the shop to buy this! Sounds a great book.

hieple 14 months ago

I admire you. I'm trying to learn to be able to do extraordinary things!

Arachnea profile image

Arachnea 13 months ago from Texas USA

Even though I'm at home with electronic pursuits, I have more of an issue with publicly promoting things. I'm an introvert / ambivert. I've put this book on my TBR list. Great lens.

Wednesday-Elf profile image

Wednesday-Elf 13 months ago from Savannah, Georgia Level 5 Commenter

Looks like this book could help any writer, shy or not. Thanks for this review.

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